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Our state-of-the-art 200m² modern workshop comes fully equipped with the latest technology to aid our crane and heavy equipment technicians as they carry out a wide range of maintenance works – from minor repairs to complete overhauls of machines.

To complement the workshop we also offer shot blasting facilities backed up by a paint shop; where we can re-paint complete machines to restore them to factory standard. With combined experience of more than 90 years, our workshop staff are all experts in the field of heavy equipment maintenance and restoration.

As machines arrive in our yard, they are put through a rigorous inspection process, detailing all worn parts that need to be replaced. Lists of repairs are then drawn up, parts are ordered and finally the machine is moved into the workshop to complete repairs ready for our customers.

Hawkspare Workshop Tour

The Reconditioning Process


1. Equaliser Bar: New Pins & Bearings fitted, centre pin bore welded and machined


2. Engine oil & filter replaced


3. Replaced centre locations on push arms


4. Engine removed to repair sump gasket leak


5. New sprocket segments fitted


6. New track chains and guiding guards fitted


7. Blade arm centre bearing and boss replaced


8. New engine oil pump fitted

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