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1954 - 1958
The Hawkins Bros. Ltd was established in 1954 by Bryan and Keith Hawkins when they won a contract to rebuild parts of the bank of the River Thames which had been breached during the big flood of 1953.

1958 - 1976
On completion of the project the brothers went their separate ways. Bryan developed a successful exporting business - BL Hawkins and Son which predominately exported trucks to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. He specialised in exporting used army trucks from the British Army. Meanwhile Keith developed a Container Port on the Thames at Gravesend.

1977 - 1983
In 1977 Derek established Hawkspare Ltd. The first market was to supply 800 Ford 5000 farm tractors to Thailand. This was followed by 1600 Bedford trucks to Bangladesh in just two years. After noticing a gap in the shipping market, Hawkspare began chartering its own ships to Bangladesh and India.

1984 - 1988
In 1984 Hawkspare was supplying Caterpillar machines to the USA. This market was followed by markets in other regions such as South America, Dubai and the Caribbean.

1989 - 1999

After Spain had joined the EU, Hawkspare established a subsidiary business in Madrid. Derrick Stansfield was appointed Hawkspare Sales Manager for North and South America and East Africa. This allowed Hawkspare to become widely involved in the sale of used cranes, excavators and wheel loaders to most of the Southern American countries. The Far East was also a key area for trade which Derek continued to manage. In early 1998 Hawkspare brought many new and used excavators in Malaysia as the Far East market declined. A ship was chartered to move 65 of these excavators from Malaysia to Egypt.

2000 - 2009

Hani Magdi was appointed as Hawkspare Sales Manager for the Middle East. Throughout this period Hawkspare supplied many new and used Terex cranes to the Middle East Gulf Countries. Hani also sold many used crawler cranes and terrain cranes, construction excavators, wheel loaders and bulldozers to Egypt. In 2006 Hawkspare opened an office in New Delhi, India to supply mobile cranes, terrain cranes and crawler cranes. Deepak Sharma was appointed the Hawkspare Sales Manager for India and South East Asia.


In addition to the usual supply of earthmoving machines, Hawkspare continues to supply new and used Crawler Cranes, Construction Excavators, All Terrain Cranes and Rough Terrain Cranes. The present markets include the Middle East, Africa, South America, Indian Sub Continent, Far East Asia and Kazakhstan. Hawkspare continues to expand operations around the globe.

Meet the Team


Derek Hawkins, Managing Director 


Robert Evans, Head of Crane Division 


Mark Hawkins,
East Asian Sales Manager 


Elliot Hawkins, Sales Director 


Deepak Sharma, Asian Sales Manager 

Derek started the company over 30 years ago and has grown Hawkspare into what is it is today. His vast experience and knowledge in the mobile crane industry has helped the company to grow to the size that it stands at today.

+ 44 (0) 1474 703187

Involved in the repair and maintenance of mobile cranes for the last 22 years, Robert has commissioned crawler cranes on every continent around the globe. He has worked on capacities of up to 600 metric tons and his knowledge of the industry is second to none.



+ 44 (0) 1474 703187

Marc Hawkins: Head of the regional sales office in Shanghai, China, Marc is also expanding our reach into the rental sector with new operations in the Far East. By assessing your project equipment requirements from the conceptual stage Marc can help you to cut costs and increase efficiency.

+ 976 (0) 9400 1710

Elliot Hawkins: the young addition to the company who is responsible for Hawkspare’s introduction of the latest technology to increase company efficiency. Recently graduating from Newcastle University in Economics and Information Systems, Elliot is a determined member of the sales team who is constantly pushing the boundaries of the company to explore new opportunities. 

+44 (0) 7917 156186

Deepak Sharma: Leading our sales in Asia, Deepak has 30 years of experience in sales and marketing of mobile cranes and construction equipment. Deepak has been solely responsible for some of Hawkspare’s larger capacity crane sales of up to 600 MT cranes. His knowledge of the crane and finance industry is unparalleled to make sure all of our customers’ demands are met.

+ 91 (0) 98713 795 16

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