Hawkspare are the front runners in the UK hiring market

With the UK economy starting to move in the right direction, it is the construction sector that has emerged as the front runners in its recovery.

With £50 billion projects on the horizon, in and around London, such as the High Speed 2, the need for crawler cranes is guaranteed to be in high demand. Hawkspare, with its 30 years experience in shipping mobile cranes, is in a perfect position to monopolise on this call for crawler cranes, and are setting the wheels in motion to ensure they can be front runners in meeting this new demand.

To ensure they are prepared for the requirements that are due to come from these lucrative projects Hawkspare are looking at alternatives to their way of working and are currently in acquisition talks with an established crawler crane company.

The company in question has a fleet of seven cranes and has been operating in the London area for 15 years with an impeccable record for safety. Hawkspare aim to use both the company’s vast knowledge and experience within the construction industry to continue to provide the first class standard of work that clients have come to expect

Hawkspare Entering Hiring Market