Electronics Within Heavy Machinery – Are We going Backward?

With increased sales and rentals of construction machinery across the globe fuelled by such factors as the need to expand infrastructure, to construct residential and commercial buildings, and to exploit natural resources, Hawkspare are currently experiencing a huge demand for the older versions of CAT machinery, especially from the African continent.

Modern heavy machinery features hydraulic equipment designed to be even more refined with advances in technology such as sophisticated electronics. This machinery relies on computers to function and are maintained using computers that test working parts and report specific problems.

As construction firms become more worried about the back up and supply of trained technicians to handle the increase in the electronics on this heavy machinery, they are now looking toward the older mechanical units.

'The market has certainly changed during the past 12 months in preference of the older units,’ said Elliot Hawkins – Sales Director. ‘We feel perfectly positioned to cater for this demand because our reconditioning process allows us to offer high quality machines even though they are of an older year.'

Combined with the soaring dealer rates for servicing the younger units of CAT machinery built from year 2005 on, the company is finding the demand for such younger, more electronic machinery is softening.

Hawkspare Heavy Machinery